Where are we going?

The trail has always been there. Look for the sign posts. Carry on.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Glacier NP

The sign posts took us to Glacier this summer.  We saw moose and bear and bison, etc.  Good to get out and see the country.  Look at the mountains.  And generally just good to get out...out of your normal routine.  Can be challenging, but change is always good.  Sometimes it can give you new perspective.  We tent camped our way across the west.  At times it was cold and wet.   We traveled approximately 3700 miles give or take a hundred.  Tyler, Tara and myself hiked to the Grinelle Glacier.  Saw where it used to be and where it is now.  About 25% of its formal self.  Along the way we encountered a cranky, rather large moose.  It mock charged our little group 3 times.  The moose did not like it that I stumbled over a pile of rocks.  We backed up on the trail and waited for the moose to saunter away.  It was foggy and chilly that morning and a light layer of fresh snow covered leaves and grass.  Our view of the valley was obscured by a milky blindness.  A little erie.  Added to the suspense of the moose encounter.  More Later...
     The more is much later.  Seems like an eternity ago.  When I think back to the vacation, I want to be back there.  Seems a world away.  So different from our day to day.  An escape.  A resbit.  Oh how I want to go back.  I do wonder what it is like there this very minute.  Whether it has grown quiet and secluded and desolate.  Whether the bear miss us.  The land returns to its former self.  Recalls a forever time when change came slow and no one noticed.  Rest well former friend.

Monday, August 23, 2010

August 08 223

August 08 223
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It's fun to go through old pictures. This is from Philly. Summer '08 vaca.

Thanks, Lisa

Thank you, Lisa for a wonderful and informative summer project. I would have never explored to such a depth on my own. I did not know that half of these things existed or the degree to which they exist. This is not a shameless plug for my blog or a bribe to overlook the overlooked on my part. But I thought it was worth a try.

Greece 2007 Trip 099

Greece 2007 Trip 099
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July 2007-Trip to Greece for Nick and Irene's wedding. Originally posted on flickr.

Learn to play Suduko

Learn Suduko Now this is a tool that I can use and probably will. Screen Toaster is a turnkey product with lots of potential,

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Wordle: Technical Manual
I am not sure how to use this tool.... As with alot of the information I have learned in this project. I am amazed at just how much is here.... There is more to the web than Facebook.